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Easy DIY Activities to Keep Kids Engaged While Social Distancing

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Social distancing is a difficult adaptation for us all, especially little ones! They may not understand why they’re being kept at home, or may simply be getting frustrated from not having enough to do. As a parent, it may be overwhelming to try to balance all of these new circumstances and, all the while, keep your kids entertained in the home. That’s where we come in! We’ve put together some helpful tips and inspirations you can do as a family or use to keep kids occupied while you get down to business!

Family Fun!

DIY Backyard Games – Spring weather is here so celebrate it and get your family into the lawn or backyard with some DIY games! You’d be surprised what you can create using what you have lying around. Check out this list with 100 ideas on DIY backyard games! We bet you can make at least 5 games right now that all following the social distancing rules!

Epic Family Forts – Nothing makes you feel like a kid again more than crawling into a homemade fort! Back in the day, these were comprised with nothing more than a sheet and some couch cushions. You can still take that approach – nothing wrong with the classics! Or, you could try some of these epic family fort ideas to really up your fort game and create a space that’s fun and exciting for more than just an afternoon! Individual forts helps with “social distancing” and surely sets the stage for good, family competition (with limits of course).

Fun Photo Stations – Get creative with what you have around the house to build your own themed photo stations! You can transform a corner of the living room into a whole new world with some decorations, a little crafting, and a whole lot of imagination! Create a jungle theme with a few plants from around the house, some stuffed animals, and all the khaki attire you have! Or, go space theme with some star cutouts, twinkle lights, and maybe a hanging volleyball as the moon! Whatever you create, you’re sure to have fun snapping away! It’s still social distancing if you challenge your friends on social media to post their pics!

Video Chats with Family – While you may not be able to visit Grandma and Grandpa, there’s no better time to video chat with them! Ring them up and show them all of the fun things you’ve created as a family! They may be a little jealous of all the fun you’re having, but they’ll love being included either way.

Just For Kids! 

Arts & Crafts – Crafts are great way to keep kids engaged and busy for hours! They might require set up and clean up, and some may even require supervision, but overall crafts are a great, easy way to keep their little hands busy. Check out Pinterest’s ideas for keeping kids busy with crafts!

Puzzles & Boards Games – We know in app-culture, these classics are far less popular, but that only makes them the perfect activity for times like these! Whether they’re in the garage, on the top shelf of your closet, or shoved under the bed, we know you have some old puzzles and games stored somewhere! Break ’em out, dust ’em off, and set ’em up on the kitchen table!

Reading – Nothing sparks the imagination quite like a good book. Tell the kids to put the iPad down and pick up a whole new adventure! Here are some books we love that get kids thinking about adventure and the great outdoors!