Story & Craft Time

Splashway is excited to introduce Story & Craft Time! Join us the first Friday of every month as we offer a morning filled with music, stories, and crafts geared toward your young children! The best part is it is absolutely free to enjoy! Story & Craft Time will be located in the Activity Center, conveniently located next door to The Hideaway. So load up the littles and head to Splashway Campgrounds for some wholesome family time! Check out all the fun we have planned out!

November 4, 2022

Theme: Give Thanks

November is the month of gratitude! Join Little Critter® as he learns why it’s important to be thankful for what he has. After the story time tell us what you are thankful for while making your Thanksgiving placemat!

Book-  Being Thankful by Mercer Meyer

Craft- Thanksgiving placemats

December 2, 2022

Theme: Jesus’ Birthday

It’s time to learn the true meaning of Christmas! Join in on the fun of making nativity ornaments and learn the story of Jesus’ birth . It’s the perfect way for the whole family to share the greatest story ever told together this Christmas!

Book- Jesus is Born

Craft-  Nativity Ornament

January 6, 2023

Theme: New Beginnings

New year, new beginnings! In today’s story we will learn how God made each person on Earth special in their own way. Each person has gifts and talents that God has given specifically to him or her. Use today’s frame craft as a reminder why you are loved.

New Beginnings

Book – God Made you Special

Craft- Frame w/ Verse ( pinterest)

February 3, 2023

Theme: God’s Love

February is the month of love and this month we are learning about God’s unconditional love for everyone. In the story, “God Loves Us” we will learn all about how God loves us the way no matter what! Take today’s heart suncatcher craft and give it to someone special in your life.

Book- God Loves You

Craft- Heart Suncatcher (pinterest)

March 3, 2023

Theme: God’s Beauty

Today’s story takes us on a journey of God’s beautiful creation of earth. “God’s Wonderful World” teaches us that God’s Earth is precious and will stay that way only if we care for it. With today’s binocular craft go out and view the world that God has created.

Book- God’s Wonderful World

Craft- Binoculars (pinterest)

April 7, 2023

Theme: Easter

The story today is a special one! We will learn about the very first Easter and what it represents.  One of the most inspiring stories ever told: Jesus’ death to save us from our sins. This story will teach us about the events leading up to Jesus’ death and his extraordinary return to life.

Book- Beginner’s Bible Easter Story

Craft- Popsicle Cross w/ beads, sequences

May 6, 2023

Theme: Salvation

The story today is, “David and Goliath”. We will learn about David’s heroic venture to face a giant when no one else had the courage to. The story is a key teaching about faith, courage, commitment, and resilience. We will learn that you can win victories for God at any age with faith. Just like David, the craft today is to make your very own slingshot.

Book- David & Goliath

Craft- sling shot & bag of stones (pinterest)