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6 Fun Ways to Take a Tech Break with Your Family

Trying to follow through on a new year’s resolution? Or are you just tired of seeing your kids constantly glued to technology? We all know that just taking it away is not going to go over well. Plus, the real point of taking a technology break to spend a little more time together, right? After all, we’re often guilty of being glued to our tech devices, too. You’re reading this blog, so you’re on your phone or computer right now. Taking a tech break doesn’t have to mean sitting quietly and still in your living room – you can make it fun! Here are 6 ways the whole family can take a screen-break and still have a little fun!

Play a Game

That’s right, it’s time to dust off the old Monopoly board and name a banker. Board games are a great way to spend quality time together, tech-free! If your family tends to get a little too competitive when it comes to board games, or if you simply can’t find all the pieces, opt for something like charades or Pictionary!

Establish a Reading Hour

Inspire your kids to put down the remote and pick up a book by doing the same! Establish one hour a day or week to all sit together in collective silence and read a book, magazine, or article that interests you. The first hour or two might be hard to get your kids to sit still but once they’ve found a book they love, they won’t even hear that timer go off! Have kids who are too young to read on their own? Just set a goal to read a new book once a week with your little ones instead!

Get Crafty

Crafting is a great way to keep your kids engaged and it can even be educational! There are so many great science-focused crafts that will spark your child’s curiosity and teach them something new. Check out our Pinterest board of family crafts to try!

Use Dinner Time

You all eat dinner every day, so you already have the perfect opportunity to take a tech break. When you all sit down at the table, put a basket in the kitchen to hold everyone’s phones and turn the TV off until the plates have been cleared. Nothing like a good old-fashioned family dinner to bring you closer together!

Imagine an Adventure

This is perfect for families with younger kids! Instead of plopping in front of the TV together, teach your kids how to stretch their imaginations and create their very own adventure. Need a little kickstart? Check out our Adventure Guide!

Try Something New Together

Whether it’s indoor skydiving or riding an epic waterslide, try something new as a family! Push yourself out of your comfort zone to show your kids that it’s a good thing to push boundaries and see what you’re made of. You can do it!

If all else fails, escape to the great outdoors and take a family camping trip! Our campgrounds have year-round fun and are sure to keep your kids so busy, they’ll forget about TV altogether.