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5 Easy Ways to Make Time for Family During the Busy School Year 

The school year is always a busy time for both kids and parents. While routine is the name of the game to get kids geared up for school, don’t forget to include meaningful ways for your family to connect. Here are a few simple ways to carve out family time and release stress during the school year.

 #1 Make a Scrapbook

You probably have more than one digital album for your memories, but making a scrapbook to flip through is more meaningful than clicking to the next pic. Physically setting up a scrapbook means you can talk with your kids about their memories and why they’re special, and what memories they hope to make in the future. Start with pictures from your most recent family trip! Already have photo albums? Explore old photographs with your family and make your family history come alive!

#2 Building Means Bonding

Build something together! Sounds simple, right? “Something” could be anything— from an easy project like a sandcastle to a blanket fort complete with fairy lights for movie night, to more skill-based projects like a birdhouse or mosaic. Building something as a family lets you get to know your kids creatively while also allowing for teachable moments, all while having fun!

#3 Chalk it Up

Chalk is one of the best inexpensive tools for hours of imaginative play! Decorate your driveway with colorful pictures, make a game of hopscotch, or got out of the box and have your kids illustrate a story you write together after playing Pass the Story!

#4 Create a Baking Masterpiece

Have an aspiring chef in the family? Baking and cooking are instant stress relievers because they take your mind off whatever deadline or homework assignment is troubling you and gives you a new task with a delicious end goal. Find an easy baking recipe that ties into the season to make the transition from summer to school enjoyable, like these adorable apple-themed cupcakes!

P.S. Keep your kids in the kitchen! It’s beneficial for both you and them to keep your little ones a part of cooking family meals.

#5 A Trip to Splashway

The trick to making family time less stressful is finding something that’s fun for everyone. And we all know that Splashway Waterpark & Campground checks all the boxes for a day of stress-free family time! Check out all of our special upcoming events here.